Submission Format, Guidelines, Terms and Conditions

We understand that you all have your own way of writing, but we believe it is important to read and follow the submission format, guidelines, terms and conditions before publishing.

Basic rules

When submitting:

  • Give credit where credit is due.
  • If you were inspired by an article, a blog or a website, please link to them. Not only it’s good karma, it also makes the published content more useful to the world.

Submission format and guidelines

All submissions must:

  • be in English.
  • be original and supplied by the owner (embedding a video from YouTube is fine).
  • have correct spelling, grammar and spacing.
  • have a featured image larger than 600 pixels in width.
  • not be a press release or promotional advertisement for a website or a product.
  • not be a copy/paste of random articles with a link to your website at the end.
  • not have any more than a single link (all links are checked for malware/spam).
  • have limited links. Submissions with 2-3 links in the content may not get published, or some links will be removed.

Submission terms and conditions

All submissions will go through our editing team for editing and will only be published if suitable to go under a category listed below:

By signing up, you agree that this is a free service for authors and contributors. We do not guarantee publication of all submissions. It is the sole discretion of the editing team whether to publish the content and when.

By submitting

You agree to allow us to:

  • Publish your content on our website.
  • Publish a link to your content on our Facebook page.
  • Publish a link to your content on our Twitter page.
  • Publish your content on our RSS feed.
  • Publish your content on our weekly/monthly newsletter.
  • Keep your content for future references.
  • Remove your content from our website at any time.

Basic guiding

  • Stick to what you know the best and write something you are comfortable writing about.
  • Connect with your readers who comment on your posts.
  • Use the social sharing tools after publication to get your family and friends involved.

If you are unsure about anything, contact us and we will do our best to guide you through things.

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