Since 2012, icityinfo has been a tourist and travel information blog looking at different cities and activities throughout the world.

With an emphasis on culture, cuisine and the best ways to spend time while travelling, icityinfo has always endeavoured to provide something different.

Over the past four years we have been fortunate enough to extend our reach through our website, Twitter and Facebook, seeing a significant increase in the number of followers.

As such we are looking to try something new with our website and create an active and user driven forum that will give users the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences.

New or existing users will be able to post questions or request advice from locals of the area in question or fellow enthusiasts who have the #wanderlust.

Users will be able to rate the usefulness and information provided by the responses so that anyone with similar questions or concerns will be able to access the same information.

In changing the layout of the website we hope to be able to provide an even more extensive and diverse experience for those travellers looking for the next adventure.

We hope that you decide to join us and our many active users from around the globe to make the most out of your next adventure.