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7 Things to See in Asia Before You Die

Asia is home to ancient civilizations, spectacular scenery and dazzling cities. Here are 7 things to see in Asia before you die. Number 7 — The Taj…

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3 Unexpected Spring Break Ideas

The temperatures are rising, meaning it’s time for a well deserved vacation. Here are 3 unexpected spring break ideas according to Conde Nast Traveler….

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World’s 5 Strangest Natural Wonders

Check out 5 of the world’s strangest natural wonders. Our planet is gifted with numerous natural wonders. Here are 5 of the strangest natural wonders….

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5 Adorable Animals You’ll Find During International Travel

Check out 5 cute animals you will find during international travel. International travel is exciting as you get to learn about new cultures. Part of the…

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5 Travel Destinations From 2013 Oscar Nominated Movies

Here are five destinations from Oscar nominated movies. Many great movies are set in exotic or historically significant locations. Here are 5 travel ideas…

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Europe in a Month

A chronicle of a month-long journey in Europe. 8 friends visit 12 cities and 7 countries in 29 days. Stops include Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid, Barcelona,…

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